‘Jesus Only’ Spreads the Word Fast in Croatia

Jan 22, 2018 1944

'Jesus Only' Spreads the Word Fast in Croatia

The second edition of Jesus Only fits easily into a pocket or a handbag.

The Gospel is spreading fast through Croatian-speaking Europe, thanks to the dedication of two enthusiastic GNU supporters, and a growing band of volunteers. One of GNU’s flagship books, Jesus Only, by Dr Des Ford, abridged by Ritchie Way, and now translated into Croatian, is transforming the lives of thousands of people. Thus far, 15,000 copies of this Croatian language version have been distributed, and there are plans for a third edition in 2018. God is blessing this work.

Two years ago, Ed and Slavica had a vision for spreading the Gospel in their homeland, the countries that make up the former Yugoslavia. This beautiful part of Europe, torn by war and ethnic violence for many centuries, is now divided into Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

In 2016, Jesus Only was translated into Croatian, and 5,000 copies were printed. Volunteers rapidly distributed the books, and immediately asked for more. One volunteer suggested that the format be downsized to fit a man’s shirt pocket or a woman’s handbag. So, in 2017, a further 10,000 copies were printed in a 10cm x 14.5cm format with 192 pages. They have all been distributed and people are eagerly awaiting the third edition.

Volunteers are placing the books in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, on special stands in high-traffic areas, even on public transport. Some bookstores offer the book as a gift to their customers. And people who have received and benefited from the book are asking for copies to give to their family, friends and colleagues.

Croatia is predominantly Catholic, and many priests and church officials have lent their support to the project. Other religions have also been happy to receive this book that focuses solely on Jesus Christ and the Good News of the Gospel. Some of the material from the book has even found its way into sermons.

Croatians living elsewhere in Europe have received copies, and in their turn, want to distribute it through their communities.

The Word is indeed spreading fast, thanks to the Gospel message of Jesus Only!

Historically, the area covered by the former Yugoslavia has been divided along ethnic and language lines. Six languages are spoken: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian/Montenegrin, Macedonian and Slovenian. Some languages are virtually interchangeable; for example, Serbs and Croats can understand each other when they are each speaking their own language. But historical ethnic tensions between the two groups mean that to achieve the greatest reach for the Gospel, there should be translations of the book in each language. This is a massive task, but Ed and Slavica have a vision to progress to this goal as the Lord leads and provides. As we write, plans are being drawn up for a Serbian translation.

A volunteer told us: Jesus Only is a book that is easy to read, and that communicates the Gospel of Jesus simply and clearly. We are thankful to God, who is using us to deliver the Word of salvation to all those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty.”

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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