Jesus the Liberator

Jun 8, 2017 1727

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Jesus the Liberator

My father landed himself in jail once. It was in a difficult time in Spain after the Spanish Civil War. He’d been arrested for organising a religious meeting in someone’s house.

The English ambassador just happened to be driving through that part of Spain, when his car broke down near my dad’s town, so he was stuck there. He asked if there were any religious prisoners in the town’s jail, and when he was told that there was one, he asked to see him. After speaking with him, the English ambassador asked for him to be released, and that’s how my father was liberated.

Here’s a simple truth, but a really powerful one:  you and I have a much more powerful Ambassador, who has obtained our liberation. He is Jesus Christ, God’s ultimate Ambassador from heaven, who came to liberate us, and not to condemn us. Remember, accept Jesus as your friend, and you’ll be truly free.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Jesus the Liberator

Jesus the liberator came to set us free.

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