A Kaleidoscope of Diamonds

Sep 12, 2014 2111

Volume Two:
The Jeweled Glories of the Cross Revealed

by Dr Desmond Ford

A kaleidoscope Of Diamond

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Volume one of this set is a missionary volume – something that can be placed in the hands of any person seeking a solution to the riddle of existence. It sets forth the only answer which makes sense and which can withstand the pressures of life’s variegated experiences. Only the Christian faith “wears well,” and becomes authenticated in the actual living. All great books are like that – they are, so to speak, written in invisible ink, and only as their pages are held before the fire of life does their full significance appear. In the light of the tragic and ecstatic facts of existence, pain even agony, bewilderment and frustration, duty, responsibility and failure, guilt, remorse and death, as well as joy, love, hope and fulfillment, Christianity and Christianity alone, in its biblical form (not all that claims the name) matches reality. The Bible becomes alive to those on life’s pilgrimage who investigate it, and becomes light, food, strength, direction, and music on the way.

Now we have come to volume two. Its theme is the cross under the kaleidoscope of faith’s vision. Having a key to life is not enough. We must be motivated to use it-always, under all circumstances. The worst men know more about duty than the best man does. Information is never enough. Motivation is the great human lack-and that the Christ of Calvary, and he alone, provides. Why is it that Scripture alludes to only about one day in every three hundred of our Lord’s life? Why is so little said of the Bethlehem birth, of the first thirty years of Christ’s sojourn here, and of more than 99 percent of the days of his actual ministry after his baptism? Why is it that the last week of the Savior’s
life is given from one-third to one-half of the space in the four Gospels? The reason is plain.


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