Logical Worship

Jun 7, 2017 2070

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Logical Worship

I’ve heard people say Christianity isn’t logical. Now, what Christianity is about is following, and worshipping Jesus.

And the Bible teaches that worshipping God is the most logical thing in the world.

In fact, in Romans 12:1, it says that to worship God is our “reasonable service.” The Greek word used for “reasonable” is “logikos,” and if that sounds like the English word “logical,” that’s because our English word comes from it.

So why does that same passage say it is logical for us to worship God, and to surrender our lives to him? It’s because of “the mercies of God” towards us.

Think about how kind and merciful God has been to humanity. He sent his Son Jesus to this earth to rescue us from the hole we’ve dug for ourselves. And that’s why it’s entirely reasonable to accept Jesus as your Saviour. So do the logical thing. Give thanks to Jesus.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Logical Worship

Worshiping God is logical worship.

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