Managing and Cancelling Recurring Donations

Thank you for your support of Good News Unlimited. Your gifts have a direct impact in enabling more people to hear the Good News of the Gospel on Radio and other media.

However we understand that sometimes circumstances change, and you may no longer be able to commit to the same level of support as before.

There are two different ways to alter or cancel your regular monthly donation, depending on how it is set up.


If you give regularly through PayPal, then you can make any changes directly through your PayPal account. Because the payments are initiated from within your PayPal account we are unable to make any changes to it for you.

Credit Card

If your donation comes directly off your credit card each month, then please call us on 1300 013 237 (within Australia) or +61 247 219 051 (international); or send an email with the relevant details to [email protected] and we can make the necessary changes for you.