Mates in Courage: Episode 7 – The Tragedy of Unforgiveness

Aug 2, 2019 2254

Mates in Courage

Graham Hood

Aug 3, 2019

Oh Cymon. You have been blessed with a loving heart and that comes from God. I want you to remember this quote from a famous Gospel Singer. "It is in the quiet crucible of your own private pain and suffering that your greatest dreams are born; and God's greatest gifts are given to you in compensation for all that you have been through." Cymon, it's hearing stories like this that drive both Eli and I to keep going in this work; which is no work at all but a real pleasure. Imagine getting to talk about life with a great mate and having that help somebody? That's what God has planned for you mate. He never wastes a hurt. Thanks for sharing. Graham Hood.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Aug 3, 2019

Wow, Cymon! What a story of healing and the power of forgiveness. You are courageous in a special way for sharing it with us. God bless you! - Eliezer

Cymon Fontaine

Aug 2, 2019

My father threw me out of the family home at forteen because I was cuddling my mother because she was crying as her marriage was breaking down . He came into the bedroom and accused me of taking sides , did I know that their marriage had problems , I just thought it was the norm . They would go to the footy club get drunk come home have a fight and next day carry on . But this night I was in mums bedroom giving her a cuddle because that’s just what I did. My dad grabbed me by the hair and threw me down the hall and told my older brother , get him out Stewart he is no son of mine . And I ran out of the house at 14 out the back gate and thought to myself . What happened . It was only 3 years prior that I was in hospital having my testicales operated on because they had not come Down on their own . Where did I go wrong. My dad loved me then . So was it any wonder that when I was sexually abused by the gardener at the park on the way to school a short time later I never told him or mum. And yet it was a pivitol piont in my life in regards to dropping school leaving home and on it two years later I found out that my brother wasn’t my fathers son. Just a tiny snap shot in my life. Yet I tell you this my father died two months ago .because of what Jesus taught me I had forgiven my father. And I am currently having a good long distance relationship with my brother. And I thank God I thank Jesus for allowing me to be absorbed in their love. Why shouldn’t I forgive for I am blessed and loved Amen

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