Moses Wrote of Me – by Des Ford

May 20, 2015 3873

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Why did our Lord could say “Moses wrote of Me”. I wonder if you’ve noticed that the whole Old Testament is a picture of Christ. You think you are seeing things, places and people, but if you watch, they’ll all point to Jesus.

That very first chapter, which begins with chaos robed in darkness, and then the Spirit of God moves, and the Word of God speaks, and we have earth rising up in resurrection, and a light coming on, and life. Finally, a man is made in the image of God. That’s the story of the work of Jesus Christ as He takes these sin-riddled hearts of ours and transforms them and brings us back into the image of Jesus, that we might have rest in Him.

I move into the story of Adam, the image of God. Before he could have a bride, his side was opened and he fell into a deep sleep. That was to tell us about Jesus, the second Adam on the cross, before He could have His bride – us. We’re His bride. He fell into a deep sleep on the cross, and they slit open His side, so that you and I might know that the way is clear to the heart of God.

Abel, was the good shepherd. He was murdered in his youth because he was righteous and his brother was wicked. He pointed to The Good Shepherd, also murdered in His youth.

Noah’s family was told that they would be saved because of Noah’s righteousness. That’s the only way we’ll be saved, because of our Noah, Jesus Christ.

And when you read about Isaac, who was three days under the sentence of death, on his back bearing his wood on which he is to be offered up. You know where Isaac was to be offered up? The same place Jesus Christ died. Exactly the same place – Mt Moriah! That’s where Calvary was. And the father and the son went together. For three days Isaac was under the sentence of death, bearing his cross as he walked.

And then there is Joseph, the father’s beloved son, a good shepherd also, who went forth to seek his brethren who hated him. His brethren said, “This is the heir, let’s kill him!” And they sold him for pieces of silver to a foreign nation. Joseph he went down into a pit, and down into a caravan and down into Egypt and down into a captain’s house, and down into dungeon. But in his suffering, he’s associated with two criminals, one of who was saved and the other was not. And, our Lord Jesus by His suffering became the Saviour of the world too, just like Joseph. The bread of life – that’s what Joseph gave to the world. And Joseph sent a message, “Come unto me.” Read it there in Genesis, before it was written in the”. “Come unto me and I will nourish you”. And when those who had sold him came unto him, he gave them changes of raiment and forgave them and provided for them.

Oh, yes, Jesus could say “Moses wrote of Me”. Moses himself lived out the Christ life. Moses was willing to leave a palace to save his people, like Jesus. Moses who had 70 elders, like Jesus who had 70 elders at one stage. Moses had 12 tribes, like Jesus who had 12 disciples. Moses was willing to be blotted out for the sins of his people as Jesus was. Moses was resurrected and ascended to heaven. Moses pointed to our Lord Jesus Christ. “Moses wrote of Me.” Oh yes! the whole Old Testament is about Jesus!

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32. Adapted from “Planetary Interchange”

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