New Sound System Makes The Gospel More Accessible to More People

Apr 19, 2022 828

new sound system sound system story

This is a story about the new sound system that GNU helped us to get. In India, almost all the churches in the villages we visit use the new sound system. The sound system helps many people to hear the Holy Gospel.

There was one tribal fishing village where people did not know about Jesus and we conducted Gospel Evangelism. An old man was touched and moved by the Holy Gospel and gave land freely to the church to be built. So in 2021 I built the church among the tribal people. All the tribal people are so happy. Many of them accepted Jesus into their lives. So every week I conduct Gospel meetings two times.

So the Holy Gospel has been reaching many tribal people. There are many men who do not come inside the church but want to hear the Word of God from where they live in their huts. So a good sound system is needed for them. When we use the good sound system the Holy Gospel reaches them and they hear the Word of God when I preach.

Through this new sound system hundreds of tribal people have been hearing the Holy Gospel.

So for the people in the village who do not come to the church, the sound system is very, very, very useful for them. When we bought the new sound system all the men who like to hear the Word of God felt so happy and said thanks to God and GNU.

In the tribal village people go fishing in the morning and come in the evening. They have no other work, only fishing. So when they come home in the evening, they sit outside of their homes and hear the Holy Gospel. Now through this sound system the Holy Gospel has been reaching all over to the tribal village people and hundreds of the tribal people have been hearing the Holy Gospel.

Every week new people have been coming into the prayer meetings and hearing the Holy Gospel and accepting Jesus in their lives. So the tribal people pray for GNU and say thank you for donating the sound system.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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