New Year’s Celebration, Gospel Style – Moturu, India

Jan 19, 2016 1596


Pr Joseph Usala and his wife Rani cooking to feed the multitudes on New Year’s Day.

On each New Year’s Day, Pastor Joseph and his wife Rani feed the poor in the village of Monturu, India. Jesus fed the five thousand, and instructed his followers to ‘feed the hungry’ (Matthew 25:35). So Pastor Joseph and Rani welcome each New Years by following Jesus’ example and instructions.

As usual, this year they cooked and provided food for the poor widows and children, as well as the believers who come to the prayer meeting. The food was cooked on a large scale, in the biggest pots they have. They set them out on a table to serve the long line of people – some old, some young, all needy, but happy and grateful for this New Years meal.

The people’s joy was evident as they received their meals. For many of them, the food is best material gift they will receive all year. – Ella Rodionoff

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