Not Rejected

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Not Rejected

Humans were created as social beings. In the Book of Genesis, God had the option to create for Adam a helper of a different kind, but instead he took one of Adam’s ribs and forth came man’s greatest companion: a woman. So, even in a perfect world man was in need of a relationship with his own kind. To be alone is not God’s plan and definitely not good for anyone.

The family, the church and the community are meant to give us that sense of belonging without which our lives would be empty. But what happens when we are rejected? When we have done our best, rejection is the worst thing that can happen to our lives.

Humans don’t need food or drink to live. We need love. I’m not talking about pity. Pity is what makes you to drop a coin for the beggar in the street. Love is that which makes you sit in the cold with that person just to be together.

For thousands of years God followed us until he came to sit with us in the cold. He left the glorious heavens and trekked through unfamiliar and dangerous paths to planet earth to be with the lost.

Rejection is not an invention of our contemporary society. It happened to God when Adam and Eve walked out on him at the Garden of Eden. It happened to Jesus Christ.

The climax of this rejection took place in a small town in Palestine. After three and half years, Jesus concluded his teaching of the heavenly version of love. But the only results he got was a denial from one of his best friends, a betrayal by one of his students, and rejection by his own community for attempting to save them.

Jesus’ final gift to those at the Cross was the gift of company.

The Bible narrates how on the Cross, ugly dark cloud gathered above Jesus, symbolising that heaven itself was possibly not in very good terms with its own kind. He must have cast his eyes around to catch a glimpse of those who had rejected him, possibly hoping to see at least one who had persistently remained behind him. Then he saw John, his face soaked in tears. On John’s chest leaned Jesus’ mother Mary. He admonished John to take care of her. The last and only gift he could give to those who refused to reject him was the gift of company.

Although he was rejected by the whole world, there stood in the midst of that cursed lot people who would rather face the wrath and scorn of his enemies than leave him to be alone. Those that have accepted him, God can never lose. He has bought them by his own blood and they remain his precious possessions.

If you have ever rejected anyone, do not make the mistake of rejecting someone who has loved you and sacrificed his own life for you. His name is Jesus Christ.

And if you have been rejected, learn from your experience and estimate how God feels when we reject him.

And remember that if you come to him, he will never reject you.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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Chris vandenburgh

Dec 30, 2018

Love the reminder of fellowship (companionship) for those who believe! Also the reminder that Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs for companionship.

Abdul L. Zealen

Dec 30, 2018

Oh Lord thanks for inspiring these holy man to write your messages to believers and even to the unbelievers of the world... Love is a full satisfaction of peace in human lives in the universe.

Abdul Zealen

Dec 30, 2018

Thanks so much for not rejecting me lord. I have learned not to reject you and anyone that you gives birth to..thank you Lord for your blessing over the world.

Belay Tesfaye

Dec 30, 2018

Amen Hallelujah, I love my savior Jesus christ, rejection is not at me, thank you so much.

Kennedy lufeyo

Dec 30, 2018

Thank you lord for the sacrifice that you made to make my life weath of living. I surrender everything within me before you God. Help me to live a life that brings glory and honor to you alone. I submit under your authority Jehovah God. Abba God let your kingdom come and let your will be done. Amen.

Mwaba besa

Dec 30, 2018

Thanks for the word

Augustine Fallah

Dec 30, 2018

Thanks so much for your inspiring message.l was really lifted in my spirit. I thank the Lord for sacrificing his life for me.

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