On The Road With The Lord

Feb 16, 2016 1243

Joseph was warned in a dream to flee from Herod, so he got up and took his wife and child and departed for Egypt (Matthew 2:13).

One moment Joseph, Mary and the babe were resting in blissful sleep; the next moment they were fleeing on the road out of town.

How quickly things can change in the life of a follower of the Lord Jesus! Life’s pendulum swings from one extreme to the other. One moment you are comfortable in your beliefs, the next you are led by the Lord towards a truth you formerly believed was heresy.

How resilient are you? Is your faith in the Lord Jesus strong enough to withstand any challenging or difficult experience? Do you believe that the Lord is guiding in your life as he guided Joseph? Are you confident to follow his leading? Do you believe that he will bring you as safely to your destination as he did with Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus?

Note that the Lord did not lead Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus into Palestine, because that is where the danger to their lives lay. Instead he took them down to safety in pagan Egypt.

Perhaps the Lord is challenging you to a different kind of relationship with him. He may be asking you to make difficult changes in your life, and you may find all manner of reasons to resist change. Choosing to following the Lord’s direction can be fearful and uncertain, but if you put your faith fully in him, you have nothing to fear.

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