“Please Stop and Bless Us!” – Pr Kazungu, Uganda

Nov 3, 2015 1805


Pr David Kayumba (R) presents ‘Jesus Only’ books to Pr Kazungu (L) in his church.

During our recent missionary trip to Uganda, we had been sharing the gospel with a gathering of people, and we had just left to go home in our car. Just at that moment a man hailed us down and stopped our car. He said to us, “Please stop and bless us!”

We didn’t know that this man was a Pentecostal pastor. His name was Pr Kazungu. He had heard of the good news that we had been sharing, and he wanted us to share it with his congregation. When he saw our vehicle passing by along the road he ran out of his church to stop us and to invite us in.


The church members were excited to hear the good news!

Pr Kazungu interrupted his church’s usual service and gave us the pulpit. The congregation was still small as it was still early in the morning and the people were still arriving one by one [in Uganda, church can go on for the whole day.] We entered a big hall and the people, though few, were very excited and attentive. We presented a spontaneous gospel message and then gave them the books Jesus Only.

This lovely Pentecostal Church in Bihanga, western Uganda made a spirited plea for a special visit from us to conduct an evangelistic crusade with them. We promised to work on it.

– Pr David Kayumba

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