The Power of the Gospel – from Brussels to Australia and Back Again

Dec 3, 2014 1864


Rose joyfully receiving the book, “Jesus Only”

In the November issue of the Unlimited Magazine, we featured the story of Rose, who suffered unimaginable in losing almost every member of her family to genocide and homicide. We shared how Rose has found forgiveness and peace through Jesus Christ.

And then Wayne on our Facebook page posted:

Thanks for this latest edition. I can relate to Rose as a similar situation happened to my little brother. I’ve never mentioned this before as it was so tragic and I’m so happy that Rose has been able to rise out of “our” grief. I say “our” grief as we are a family so to speak – victims of homicide. Homicide is something that lingers all our lives with us as victims yet we can come to a realm of peace through forgiveness and battle on when we know that God knows our pain and we know he knows our pain and through it all we gain spiritual strength from our endurance. One day we will have all knowledge, and I am waiting for it!

This is something that Wayne had not revealed before. But Rosa’s courage and faith has now united both of them in a special bond of faith.



Rose lives in Brussels and Wayne lives in Australia. By the grace of God, GNU has been instrumental in helping both to come back to a saving relationship with Christ, and now they are brother and sister, together in the kingdom. They are united by suffering, but more importantly by the gospel of peace in Jesus Christ.

Wayne also sent a direct message to Rose via Facebook:

Hello Rose, if you can see this… stay with GNU and they will love you, Rose, as our God loves you.

That’s also a big challenge to our GNU family, isn’t it? And that means you as well. Remember, you can always send messages to Rose or Wayne through me.

My email address is [email protected]

Pr David Kayumba will translate all of this into French and make sure that Rose receives it, and that she is encouraged to know that she is loved.

You can subscribe to the print version of the magazine here.

– Eliezer Gonzalez


Dec 4, 2014

This has made my day. I can't wait returning to come Brussels and see Rose. Thank you brother Wayne, you are special to our heavenly father. Rose will be happy to read your encouraging message

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