GNU Prayer Warriors Video Invitation

Jul 20, 2017 31400

JOIN the prayer team here: 

Pastor Emmanuel Mwansa

Jun 26, 2021

Its great to be part of this group of prayer warriors as I also need your prayers to do with transport ias doing ministry and Holy Bibles to bless the new born again Christians and to stand in gap as we are having elections this August 12. Thanks


Mar 15, 2021


Mercy Tisa

Aug 21, 2020

Thanks, my love for Jesus cause me to want to pray for others. Already 2 people in the other part of the world ask me to pray for them. A lady who was refered to hawaii ask me to pray for her and her sickness. She said she missed her family in Guam, her husband and a grandson. I told her to be patient and to wait for her appointment. Another one is my niece in Oregon USA, she text me telling me that her church in Oregon is asking her & her husband to be ready for they're thinking of ordaining them as deaconess & deacon, she said she's scare for she knows she's not worthy for that position, I advice her to pray about it, it impossible w/ her but with God everything is possible. I also advice her to lay her eyes & heart on Jesus. Continiue reading her Bible and ask God to lead her w/ his wisdom, shows her His will for her. This is the same niece who text me to pray for her family for they're all possitive covid 19 victims, her, her 2 little doughters, husband. Thank you God for enabling me to pray for others.

Janette Sweeney

May 4, 2020

I would be thrilled and delighted to be a prayer warrior. I love Jesus and know He hears and answers our prayers. Janette Sweeney


Dec 9, 2019

I will be praying for people in need.

Mirriam Milambo

Feb 17, 2019

I would like to receive information on prayer warrior

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