Preaching, Praying and Feeding the Poor – Venandapudi, India

Feb 13, 2018 1721

Preaching, Praying and Feeding the Poor – Venanapudi, India

Pr Joseph (centre) stands with people from the Venandapudi community in the Good News Prayer Hall.

Every Saturday Pr Joseph and members of the GNU evangelism team in India have started to travel to the tribal village of Venandapudi to tell the community the Good News about Jesus, to pray with them and feed the poor. In the first month 25 people accepted Jesus into their lives.

Pr Joseph first went to Venandapudi to preach the Gospel a few years ago. A Christian man from the village, Yesupadem, was glad to see the Good News spreading and donated his land to build the Good News Prayer Hall, a place for the Gospel to be preached. Even while it was still being constructed, Pr Joseph and the team started holding Gospel meetings at the prayer hall.

Pr Joseph now travels to Venandapudi weekly to share the Gospel. There are still people in the community who don’t know about Jesus, and some of these people have started coming to hear what Pr Joseph is saying. In the first month, 25 people accepted Jesus.

Each week a Prayer Warrior meeting is also held. It is an uplifting environment where people from the village come and pray with one another and for one another.


“God has been doing great things”


While Pr Joseph and the team are there, they also give food to the poor elderly people in the village. These people are very grateful for the food, and that someone cares enough to feed them. Hearing what is happening, more and more people are coming and helping them feed the elderly.

Pr Joseph says,

God has been doing great things. It is an awesome and amazing work that we have been called to do in reaching people, preaching and praying. God has been leading us to where idol worshipers are and where people have been living without faith and going about not knowing about the holy Gospel. Please pray for the work that we have been doing.

Babu Rao, a man from Venandapudi, told Pr Jospeh,

In this remote village no one came and did the work of God. But the Holy Spirit led you to come and start preaching and praying every Saturday. It is such a blessing to all the people in this village. Many people do not know about Jesus and the holy Gospel. So we are so happy and glad to learn and pray together.

– Ella Rodionoff

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Feb 21, 2018

Thank you for your encouragement!

Tom Durst

Feb 21, 2018

These stories of what God is doing are wonderful and so encouraging. Keep sharing them. I'm thankful that I can at least be a small part of this ministry through regular giving.

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