Prison Chaplain Meets the WOW of the Gospel – Nanyuki, Kenya

Sep 14, 2016 1473


James personally met the power of the Gospel in his own life at the Grace Revolution Crusade in Kenya.

If James were asked about the Bible, he’d be able to tell all about it confidently. In fact, he has been teaching others about the Bible for the last 15 years. But when he attended GNU’s Grace Revolution Crusade, he realised that the best part of the Gospel was so simple, he’d not fully grasped it.

James works at a prison in his hometown of Nanyuki, Kenya. A warden and chaplain, he and the other prison chaplains are tasked with the spiritual care of hundreds of inmates.

When the Grace Revolution Crusade was recently held in Nanyuki’s Central Park, James came to support it, anticipating a pleasant time listening to the familiar stories. Suddenly, standing there in the crowd under the shade of the trees, it was as if the full impact of the Gospel message grabbed him for the first time. The words danced around him like beautiful shafts of light: “God’s free gift”, “Jesus did it all for you at the Cross”, “You are saved now, just believe it.”

This was the Gospel that made people dance for joy, the Gospel for which people were prepared to live—and die. James felt a renewed connection with Jesus Christ his Saviour, a new understanding and acceptance of God’s grace, and a joyful confidence in his salvation.

He has connected with GNU’s Pastor Bonifresh (who preached the Word at the crusade) telling him:

I have found the true Good News at GNU’s Grace Revolution Crusade. I think this is how the Good News makes one feel: now I have joy and peace, and I’m confident in my salvation through Jesus Christ.

– Ella Rodionoff

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