Q and A with a GNU Partner

Jul 31, 2014 2671


We recently spoke to Joel Alexis, a new GNU Partner, about his enthusiasm for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the work of GNU:

[dropcap type=”2″]Q [/dropcap] Joel, what brought you to make the decision to partner with GNU on a monthly basis?

[dropcap type=”2″]A [/dropcap] The Christ-centred clarity of GNU’s message always sends me to the Bible. This is the message for our time that the world needs to hear.


[dropcap type=”2″]Q[/dropcap] What aspect of GNU’s ministry particularly excites you?

[dropcap type=”2″]A[/dropcap] Its focus on the simplicity of Christ and the gospel. I pray every day for the gospel to go to all the world, and this is GNU’s vision.


[dropcap type=”2″]Q[/dropcap] What message would you like to send to other GNU supporters who are considering becoming GNU Partners?

[dropcap type=”2″]A [/dropcap] Think of the gift of Christ. Our sharing is fulfilling the response of love.

If you would like to know more about becoming a GNU Partner, or about supporting GNU in any other way, please call Carolyn on +61 7 5524 5040 (international) and 07 5524 5040 (within Australia). Thank you for helping accelerate the spread of the Good News!

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