Rapidly Growing New Denomination Partners With GNU – Rwanda

Jun 14, 2017 2347

Rapidly Growing New Denomination Partners With GNU – Rwanda

Church members joyfully hold copies of Jesus only that they have printed at their own expense.

Good News Unlimited has now partnered with a new denomination with four churches in Rwanda. The church shares GNU’s mission to spread the Good News, and wants GNU to train them in evangelism and help them conduct evangelistic meetings.

Pr David was in Uganda when his brother-in-law organised a meeting between him and some church leaders from Rwanda. His brother-in-law had told them about GNU, and they had started reading the website. Now they wanted to talk to Pr David about the possibility of partnering with GNU.

The church they run is a new denomination that started only a few months ago. Already, they have four congregations in four church buildings and are planning to imminently establish more churches and train more ministers. The plan is to have two more churches operating within a few months.

 The church shares GNU’s mission to spread the Good News

The church leaders drove 600km from Rwanda to Uganda in order to meet with Pr David. They expressed their desire to partner with GNU. They requested that GNU train their church members in the Gospel and in evangelism, so they can be active in sharing their faith. They also want to conduct evangelistic meetings with GNU.

Pr David had a copy of Jesus Only on his phone and was able to transfer it to them. They are so committed that at their own expense they have had it printed and distributed. GNU has also sent them 300 copies of Jesus + 0.

Since then, Pr Bonifesh have also gone to meet with them and has sent back many positive reports.

Pr David says,

My conversation with them revealed to me that these are people God has brought to us. They maintain  a friendly attitude to other denominations and have captured the spirit of GNU.

– Ella Rodionoff

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Bonifresh Muhollo

Oct 17, 2017

I testify that this is a movement raised to reinstate the biblical gospel in a world that's has abandoned it. They have only one doctrine: Jesus.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Oct 16, 2017

Thanks, Alice for your encouragement. All the credit goes to God!

Alice Vickery

Oct 15, 2017

How uplifting is this news.Our God is an awesome God.If only we in the west was positive as they are about their belief. May our awesome God bless gnu. God bless and thank you. Alice

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