Refugee Carries On Parent’s Mission To Spread the Gospel

Sep 29, 2020 1053

Refugee Carries On Parent's Mission To Spread the Gospel

My name is Nop Kur. I was born and raised in South Sudan by Christian parents. My Dad was a pastor and ministered to five churches in Juba-Sudan. My mother also helped him in the ministry. As the only boy, my father always encouraged me to get involved in church activities citing that I would carry on the ministry after his retirement. So I found myself deep in ministry by the age of 12.

However, Dad’s ministry and life in general was rudely interrupted in 2000, when civil war broke out in my country. This sad incident left the churches empty as people fled for safety while others lost their lives. The worst happened when one of the churches, fully packed with worshippers on Sunday was set ablaze by the enemy. Men, women and children perished in that fire, an incident that I will never forget. My dear parents also perished in the war in equally horrible circumstances.

I live to tell the story because I am one of the lucky few that were airlifted by the UN and flown to Uganda where I acquired the status of a refugee. It is at the camp that I realised God wanted me to further the dreams of my parents. While there, we were offered the chance to continue with our education. After finishing high school, I decided to study theology at university with the dream of re-establishing my father’s churches.

I realised God wanted me to further the dreams of my parents.

During my first year at the seminary, I encountered a major spiritual enlightenment through the ministry of GNU. Pr Bonifresh Muhollo gave me reading materials and conducted Bible studies which greatly improved my understanding. He taught me many things about the Bible and ministry and encouraged me to follow my dream of honouring my late parents by reviving the churches.

After my graduation I went back to South Sudan where I had been called to work with a certain NGO in my home area. Besides working with this NGO, I was able to raise up a small fellowship in my home village which meets every Sunday for prayer, testimony and Bible studies.

– Nop Kur

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