Report on the Christian Leadership Conference Held at Impact church, Kangalumira, Kayunga district, Uganda

Dec 23, 2015 1674

Bonifresh Muholio

Bonifresh Muholio, one of GNU’s speakers at the Christian Leadership Conference.

Here is a report from Teresha Clark, the founder of Spring of Hope, Uganda, on a recent Christian Leadership Conference held in Uganda. She writes,

Teresa ends her report with the words:

Spring of Hope is very grateful to GNU and specifically to Pastor David Kayumba and team, for the spiritual and financial facilitation, which significantly contributed to the success of the Conference. The spiritual seed that you sow in Kayunga (Uganda) fell onto a fertile ground and bore juicy fruits! Indeed, your message will bear a far-reaching impact in the lives of many.

Here is the full report (or else click on the picture below).

Teresha and her family

Teresha Clark and her husband Israel Karahukayo, with their family.

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