Rescued from Sin – by Desmond Ford

Mar 8, 2016 1657

HappinessThe divine plan involves our complete rescue from sin – from its guilt, its power, and its presence. Our acceptance of Calvary brings the first; our dependence upon the living, interceding Christ brings the second; and Christ’s return accomplishes the last. The work is his, though received our faith. Objectively, Christ is all; subjectively, faith is all.

Therefore look back to the cross of our Messiah and Prince – that brings the faith that justifies; look forward to the Coming which will consummate the everlasting righteousness already legally achieved – that brings the hope that sanctifies; look upward to the throne where he ministers in the holy of holies, the anointed sanctuary, as our High Priest – that brings the love which satisfies.

This is the “everlasting gospel.” Good News indeed!

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27-32. Adapted from “Good News in Daniel’s Prophecy.”

Pauline lubega

Mar 9, 2016

Being rescued from sin, by our savior,s obedience and our father's love which enabled him to sacrifice his only begotten son made us free and gave us the ability to warm in righteousness if we choose to!. We just need to keep our eyes on th cross, feel our savior's presence at all time. Through faith in Christ. By obeying Gods law, by loving him with all our ability to love him. Getting to know Christ, through prayer, and study of scriptures. Being able to forgive, by telling ourselves that God is around, we need to forgive. Showing kindness to our fellow men with a selfless heart. Let go of unworthy earthly things.( Dr. Eliezer)

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