Roadside Coconut Seller Accepts Jesus After Reading ‘Jesus Only’ – Gudlavalerru, India

Jan 6, 2016 2282


Raga Naju has found a treasure while selling coconuts – salvation through Jesus Christ. Here he happily holds the book “Jesus Only” through which he has found Jesus.

A young coconut-seller named Naga Raju has accepted Jesus after reading the book Jesus Only, by Desmond Ford. This book was translated and published in the Telugu language of southern India late last year, thanks to the gracious support of Good News Unlimited (GNU).

Naga has a stall where he sells coconuts by the side of the road in the village of Gudlavalerru. He comes from a Hindu background, and at home his whole family worship idols.

Pastor Joseph went to his stall one day to buy a coconut, and because Christian pastors in southern India wear white shirts, Naga recognised that he was a pastor. Naga asked Pastor Joseph to pray for him, which he did. Pastor Joseph also gave him a copy of the book Jesus Only.

Naga went home, and read Jesus Only, and as a result he has now accepted Jesus into his life. Naga Raju says,

It is wonderful opportunity for me to be able to read the Jesus Only book and to know more about Jesus. Before, I had no goals or aims in my life. But after reading this book I have come to know what is the value of my life here on earth. So I am so much thankful to Pr Joseph for writing this book, and to the founder of GNU, Dr Desmond Ford, who wrote it. This wonderful and marvellous book has changed my life a lot within a short time.

– Ella Rodionoff

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