Series Of Calvary From 2 – 7

Sep 17, 2014 2048

Calvary Issues written by Dr Desmond Ford
Issue No 2


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Title: The Mark Of The Cross

Life is heIr for most of us at some time or another, and sometimes for prolonged periods that seem aeons. That’s why Calvary’s pain can never be irrelevant.

 Issue No 3


Title: The Meaning Of Atonement (Part 1)

When God save sinners, he also preserves holiness. to be both just and justifiers of sinners. god’s love paid the price of Calvary. 

Issue No 4


Title: The Meaning Of The Atonement (Part 3)

The necessity of Christ’s cross proves the reality of sin and pain. God seemed absent from Christ’s anguish, but was not. Neither is God absent from our sufferings.

Issue No 5


Title:  The Meaning of The Atonement (Part 2)

The cross of Christ is a triple necessity. It alone is God’s way of saving our sinful world; it alone satisfies the holy demands of the rest of the universe; it alone makes sense of our sufferings.

Issue No 6


Title: Diamonds From Hell

Every thing we do and say reflects what we are. Deeds and words reveal character. So it is with God. Uncorrupted nature was originally his garment, history is his story in parabolic acts, and, later, Scripture becomes his tongue. 

Issue No 7


Title: The Laughter Of God

In an ancient book we have the invitation “acquaint now thyself with him and be at peace” (Job
22:21). Centuries later, Jesus of Nazareth echoed these words when he said, “Come …learn of me
… and ye shall find rest unto your souls” (Mt 11:28, 29)

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