Hindu Businessmen Accept the Gospel – Bhimavaram, India

Aug 10, 2017 1937


"Though this prayer meeting we are so very blessed."

“We have been so very blessed.”

In the village of Bhimavaram, India, a group of businessmen gathered in anticipation. One of them, a man named Godfed, had recently read a book called Jesus Only, by Dr Des Ford. He had shared with his business friends how it had impacted his life, and had then asked Pr Joseph to come and teach them. Godfed invited his colleagues to the meeting, and, very curious, they came.

Godfed was raised Hindu. He had been having terrible family problems, and his friend, a regular watcher of the GNU TV programme in India, gave him a copy of Jesus Only in order to introduce him to Jesus. Although he was a Hindu, Godfed started praying to Jesus about his family problems. After he started praying, his family problems were resolved. Godfed was excited about the Gospel and about the love and power of Jesus in his life.

Godfed excitedly shared the Good News he had found with his colleagues who worked together in the same  business. He also phoned Pr Joseph, and asked for him to come and meet with them so they could hear more of this message that had touched his heart.

 Godfed excitedly shared the Good News he had found with his colleagues.

Pr Joseph, together with another pastor, Rev Dr Vedhachalem, travelled to Bhimavaram. Here they shared the Good News of the Gospel to an attentive audience of businessmen. They also prayed with them, and invited them to accept Jesus into their lives.

Those who had come in response to Godfed’s invitation shared how glad they were that they came. The business’s Assistant Manager was among those who were there, and he expressed his thanks that the meeting was held. As a result of the meeting, two of Godfed’s colleagues, both previously Hindu, accepted Jesus into their lives, as did Godfed himself.

Godfed says,

Through Jesus Only I came to understand Jesus preaching and I wanted to have a prayer meeting and preach to my co-workers. So though this prayer meeting we are so very blessed and God is so good. My life is fully happy now in Christ. Thanks to you all.

– Ella Rodionoff

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Nov 27, 2017

Thank you Josephine for your love of the Good News of Jesus!

Eliezer Gonzalez

Nov 27, 2017

Thanks Tom, for your love of the Gospel of Jesus, and for your encouragement of your work in many ways.

Tom Durst

Nov 26, 2017

All of these testimonies of people receiving Jesus and experiencing new life certainly make all of our efforts to spread the gospel worthwhile. I especially appreciate the fact that GNU preaches the gospel and DOESN'T ADD whole bunch of things to it that a person must believe. Simple faith in Jesus is enough for Jesus is enough!

Josephine Everingham

Nov 25, 2017

Praise the Lord I love to hear testimonies about how God is using GNU to spread the good news of the Gospel of Christ Jesus God Bless you all.

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