Step/Week 3, Day 4 – Turn and Action: HOPE

May 6, 2020 1007

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 3 Day 4 – Turn and Action HOPE

“For I can do everything God asks me to do with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power” (Phil. 4:13, TLB).

Today we deal with the letter P in HOPE which stands for Power to change. How much of our lives have we spent wanting to change but we fell back into the same old habits all over again? When was the last New Year’s resolution you made ever became successful? Not going so well, is it?

The power to change comes from God’s grace. The only way we can avail ourselves of that immense power is to surrender our own desires to fix ourselves. You have to admit that simply has not worked in the past now, has it? You can cultivate the mindset like in today’s verse, that you can do anything through the help of Jesus Christ, as He gives you just the right amount of strength and power for each day.

Hope can only draw its power from a deep-seated trust of God. Not the fire and brimstone God you may have heard about in Sunday school as a kid, but the all-knowing Father who loves you just the same, regardless of your sins and weaknesses. His love for you is constant, it never wavers in degree and intensity. God loves because He is love. Now that’s amazing!

Once you tap into that power, you can change your situations and your life, and you can do it without the struggle of trying and failing with the never-ending treadmill that leads to the downward spiral of your addictions.

It is now time to realise that everything else you have tried just doesn’t work. It’s time to take a new path, a path that leads to God. If you’re willing for Him to lead you along this path towards recovery, He will show you the areas He wants to change in your life and the ways (His ways) that He wants you to follow from now on.

Real healing takes time and patience. There are no quick fixes in a life of recovery that will last. You will need to be patient and trust God fully. He will not let you down! God never wastes a hurt, ever.

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: Can you honestly say that you have ever tried to fix a character defect and had that fix last? Do you know God can fix all your character defects and what’s more, He really wants to! There’s immeasurable power and strength at your disposal, through Jesus. You need to tap into the Source of that power and strength.

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