Step/Week 9, Day 1 – Forgiveness and Grace: Accept God’s Forgiveness

May 6, 2020 934

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 9 Day 1 – Forgiveness and Grace Accept God’s Forgiveness

“He said, ‘It is finished’” (Jn. 19:30, TLB).

Can you feel the power and certainty of Jesus’ words from today’s verse? As He hung there, near to death, He breathed these words so that you could know He had accomplished all that His Father had sent Him to do. On the third day after the crucifixion, it would be even more evident, when He rose from the grave. Death could not hold Him!

Jesus, the Saviour of the world, hung on the cross that day for you. He took all your sins (past, present and future) onto the cross and dealt with them there. He made atonement to God the Father for your sins, so that you could be “at one” with Him. Your guilt, your shame was nailed to the cross, anything that is attributed to your sins, was dealt with completely on that day.

Without that day, you would be lost forever, but because of that day, you have been forgiven. Did you hear that? God has forgiven you! Not, God has forgiven you a little or God has forgiven you a bit but will recall your sins at a later date. No! God has forgiven you completely and fully.

Let me be very clear here with you. If you do not accept God’s forgiveness, you will not recover, because you are denying the very Source of your healing and recovery. Jesus said, “It is finished!” Your response should be, “Thank you, Lord” and “Amen!”

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: Do you realise what Jesus did for you on the cross? Do you realise that it was the Father’s plan of salvation for humankind in action? Have you denied and not accepted God’s forgiveness? If so, confess your sins, accept His complete forgiveness and live a forgiven life, from now on.

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