Still Sharing the Gospel at 94 Years of Age! – Gabriel, Nandiwada, India

Feb 9, 2016 1326

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Gabriel’s (sitting) love for the Gospel still compels him to share it from village to village. Pr Joseph Usala is standing.

At 94, Gabriel is still doing the work of God. Sometimes he travels around for over a week at a time. He goes by bicycle and to far places by bus. When he goes to the villages, he lives briefly with villagers, sleeping in their houses and sharing the Word of God with them.

Gabriel is from Nandiwada, India, the village of ‘untouchables’ where the Good News Children’s Care Centre is being built.

Gabriel was a military man and so he lived away from his village for many years. One day his wife became seriously sick and she prayed to God that if she became well her husband would do God’s work.

So when his wife was healed and became healthy, he left the military and came home and started doing God’s work. He went from village to village and house to house spreading the Holy Gospel. Through his work, many people have been brought into Christ.

Now that the Good News Children’s Care Centre is being built in Nandiwada, he is very happy that through it many, many people in his village are accepting Jesus. Gabriel says,

Through this Good News Children’s Care Centre many Hindu people have come to know about Jesus. The children who have been Hindus by birth are also accepting Jesus and learning about him. God has placed this centre where there are many, many Hindus who are living according to worldly pleasures. This centre is very good for the children and the village people.

It is a great joy for me doing Gospel work and bringing many, many people into Christ Jesus. When I go to various remote villages there are many, many Hindu people who have been doing idol worship. They have never heard about Jesus. By my Gospel spreading and visiting their villages and homes they come to know about Jesus and many, many people have been saved in Christ. My family members and I are so happy doing God’s work. I am so thankful to God for saving my life.

– Joseph Usala

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