Stop Press: Two New Gospel Fellowships Established in Rwanda

Dec 24, 2015 1492


Rwandan village children running to greet visitors.

Today during the call-back session of Jesus only radio program, Nepo (the leader of Gakenke Gospel Fellowship) called to give news of two more new gospel fellowships established yesterday. And here is what he said:

I announce the birth of two gospel fellowships as a result of listening to the Jesus Only program on Amazing Grace Radio. The first group was established in Gisenyi and it was organized by Emmanuel Sindihokubwabo. A second Gospel fellowship has been started in Kivu around Gatanga locality and it has been organized by Domenico. We are praying that both these groups may grow in the strengths of our Lord Jesus Christ and may the coming year get busy with preaching Jesus only.

I am surprised that naturally gospel fellowships are getting established. These various groups will need a lot of our support. God continue blessing Emma`s ministry in Rwanda.

– Pr David Kayumba

Note: Emma Unwingabire is the presenter of GNU’s “Jesus Only” radio programme in Rwanda. The programme includes both a Gospel message, as well as a talk-back section. This message was received from Pr David Kayumba last week.

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