The Eighth Beatitude – by Desmond Ford

Feb 29, 2016 2354

BlessingsThe Beatitudes are eight, but really consist of the seven characteristics of the true Christian, with a special benediction given on all the seven. The first seven ”blesseds” describe the characteristics whereas the eighth ”blessed” describes what will happen if you have the previous seven.

The Sermon is full of paradoxes. You would expect that when you have described the perfect person – someone pure, merciful, a peacemaker – that such a person would be crowned, elevated, esteemed. But Jesus says, when you are pure, merciful, and a peacemaker, look out! You are going to be martyred. “Blessed are those who are persecuted” (Mt 5:10). You are going to be despised, hated, rejected, and maligned.

So what is called the Eighth Beatitude is actually only a description of the inevitable destiny of all mature Christians. If you expect the world to love you, it won’t. The day will come when he that kills you thinks he is doing God’s service. If they treated the Master of the house this way, won’t they also treat the servants the same way?

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32. Adapted from “Christ’s Recipe for Lasting Happiness – Part 1.”


Mar 1, 2016

We have to accept persecution as a blessing or. A sign of Satan trying to derail us from the truth and from endurance . Through scripture reading and through daily prayers. We shall and can overcome the persecution. The bible is the bank of all the tools we need to endure. Moses leading the Israelites for 40 year in the jungle. Why did he do it. Because they faith and endurance. Job, with leprosy, yet endured. Abraham. , he just walked to the unknown without question. He endured too. Amen


Mar 1, 2016

Pray. Communing with our heavenly father. A sign of faith , gratitude and love. Asking for forgiveness of the sins we know we commit and those sins we don't know that are commuted. In faith we pray and the holy spirit in its groaning will reach heaven on our behalf. Prayers will. Grant us forgiveness from our heavenly father and will bring us blessing. Thank you Gnu. Love Pauline

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