The First Prayer Meeting Ever Held in Nandiwada Becomes a Magnet for the Gospel

Feb 10, 2016 1532

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So many people came to the first prayer meeting in Nandiwada that they spilled outside, and shade had to be provide for them.

It was a landmark event in the village of Nandiwada. The first prayer meeting. We have come to think of the village of Nandiwada as the ‘village of the untouchables’; but no more, because these people have been touched by the hand of God and by our caring GNU ministry there. Pastor Joseph posts a simple message on his Facebook page: “It is the first Gospel prayer meeting in this Children’s Care Centre hall, and God has blessed it with hundreds of people. Thanks to Jesus!”

We can’t resist knowing more, and when we prompt him, we’re rewarded with our own seat at this most special meeting. Nandiwada with the Good News Children’s Centre has become a gospel magnet, and word of the first prayer meeting spread throughout the neighbouring villages. It was apparent some time before the meeting that the new, temporary shed wouldn’t be large enough to hold all the people who planned to attend, so a tent was hired, along with extra chairs. “God has blessed it,” writes Pastor Joseph, and indeed he has. Among the crowd were around twenty-five people who had never attended a Christian meeting before. There were many other Hindu people in the audience as well. They came from all round, some villages so far away that Pastor Joseph had to hire four vehicles to ferry people from the outlying villages.

“We cooked good food to eat after the prayer meeting,” writes Pastor Joseph. So people were fed physically as well as spiritually in a celebration of the true meaning of the Gospel. The newcomers were “so happy, and want to learn more about Jesus and his word.” Like people the world over, these people are weighed down with their own particular problems, but here they learn that they don’t need to carry them alone.

Pastor Joseph is particularly proud of the Good News Centre children, whose learning has progressed to the point where they were able to help with the meeting. The new teachers appointed recently are making a wonderful contribution to the children’s education and spiritual growth.

As we have learned in other despatches from the Gospel front in Nandiwada, the shed is a temporary home for the Good News Centre, and the people look forward to the day when they will see the completion of their new building. But until that time, this building is God’s front-line building for spreading the Word fast to the many people who do not know about Jesus.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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