The Gospel Comes to Mudinepalli, Andhra Pradesh

Nov 20, 2015 1742


Pr Joseph preaching at the first gospel meeting at Mudenipalli.

The village of Mudinepalli is home to about 7,000 people, many of whom are desperately poor. Most are Hindus, who follow the rituals of their ancestors and attend their annual festivals. Little was known about Christianity before Pastor Joseph chose the village hall for one of his many monthly Gospel meetings.

“By the grace of God and the help of the local Pastors, the Gospel meeting has been very successful, and many people have accepted Jesus,” he reports.

DSC04441In fact, Pastor Joseph began in a very small way, with only 6 people plucking up the courage to attend the first meeting. But those 6 people shared their experience, and 35 people attended the second meeting. Soon Pastor Joseph was able to report, “Twenty people have accepted Jesus in their lives!”

He goes on to tell of local elder, who is a ‘Pastor’ (a Christian man who works to spread the Gospel as best he knows how). “He has also preached after my preaching the work of God. This pastor has been happy to work with me in our Gospel evangelism. He has been very helpful to our work.”

Rajee is one of the people who have accepted Jesus in Mudinepalli. “We are very blessed to have the Gospel meetings every month in our village,” she says. “We are so happy to learn about Jesus, but how sad it is that our ancestors worshipped idols and died without knowing the Gospel. Now, we are learning more about Jesus at every meeting, and we thank God for these meetings.”

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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