The Gospel is for Free – by Desmond Ford

May 27, 2016 1902


Blessed are the poor in spirit. Matthew 5:3  

True religion is the union of the heart with God. It is not being a member of a denomination, or simply being baptized. All these things may come into it, but they are not the essence of true religion. True religion is the spirit, the heart, the mind.

Jesus is saying in this verse, “Blessed are those who feel their need.” Isn’t it great that the blessings begin there? Here is the ladder of life from earth to heaven, and Jesus does not begin with “Blessed are the pure in heart.” We would be shot down, dear friends, right there.

The pure in heart means absolute sincerity. The pure in heart will one thing: the will of God. Absolute sincerity in giving God his place, that’s what it means to be pure in heart. Pure gold does not have any ore in it, or mixture of dirt. So a pure heart is one that is not mixed up worldliness, selfishness, self-will, impurity, or wrong ambition. A pure heart gives God his place, places absolute concentration on God.

Suppose the Beatitudes had begun, “Blessed are the pure in spirit.” I’d have shut the book, “No good to me,” I’d have said. I’m glad the blessings do not start there. The blessings begin, “Blessed are the poor.” I can say, “Lord, I can buy that.”

The gospel is for free. Thus we might know the things that are freely given us of God. It has to be that way if we are dealing with something infinite. How could any finite creature buy the gospel if it has to do with infinite living forever… and ever… and ever?

Think of the mighty Himalayas. Think of a bird that, once every million years, comes and takes away a grain of sand from those mountains. How long will it take that bird, coming once every million years to take just a grain, to get rid of the Himalayas? That’s just the start of eternity!

If God is going to give us something as infinite as eternity, how could we finite creatures ever earn it? It has to be free. The good news of the gospel is that all the good things we want are free.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27-32. Adapted from “Christ’s Recipe for Lasting Happiness Part 2 ”


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