The Gospel Preached to 1,500 People – Gudiwada, India

Mar 21, 2016 1375

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Hindu lives are transformed through the Gospel

In Gudiwada, a town in India, 1,500 people have heard the Good News about Jesus being preached, many of them accepting him into their lives! On behalf of GNU, the book Jesus Only was distributed to these people, who received it joyfully, excited to learn more about Jesus.

The Good News Unlimited TV programme that Pr Joseph presents continues to spread the Gospel and lead many people into Christ. This inspired the team at the Pravachan Christian TV Channel in Gudiwada, which broadcasts the programme, to spread the Gospel in their town.

Their enthusiasm sparked the Gospel Evangelism Prayer Meeting, which was held for three nights in a row, drawing a crowd of 1,500 people. Many Hindus, including those who decided to attend after seeing the GNU TV programme, gathered for the meeting. Several of these people have accepted Jesus into their lives!

On the last day, director of the Pravachan Channel, Kiran Ghandi shared the message of the book Jesus Only before distributing it among the people. Since some of them had never seen a book like this before, they received it with joy, enthusiastic to learn more about Jesus.

At the meeting were 35 Pastors, and they are also excited about Jesus Only and how it will help bring people to Christ. One of these pastors, Pr Barnabas, runs a Bible College and came to the meeting after watching the TV programme. He took a copy of Jesus Only, and says,

This is so inspiring and the book has so much of theology that I would love to teach my Bible College students. I am so happy about the Jesus Only book.

Several others are speaking up about the meeting and the book:

Ravi, who came to the meeting for the first time, says,

This meeting helped me to know more about Jesus. I have received the wonderful book that is named Jesus Only. I am so happy to read and to know more about Jesus.

Durga Rao was born and raised a Hindu. However, when he saw the meeting being held, he came inside and listened. He says,

I knew only about Hindu idol gods but I did not know about any other God. But today it is Jesus who has brought me inside the meeting and caused me to listen and I came to know tonight who Jesus is. I am so touched and my heart is changing by hearing about Jesus. The Jesus Only book is also so great and it is helping me to know more about Jesus.

Danicing for joy! A local is elated when Pr Joseph hands him a copy of Jesus Only

Dancing for joy! A local is elated when Pr Joseph hands him a copy of Jesus Only.

Subhama and her ancestors were all Hindus. But she came to know and accept Jesus through the Good News Unlimited TV programme. When she heard about the meeting being held in Gudiwada, she travelled a great distance with her Hindu family to go to it. She says,

It is the first time my whole family is going to these meetings. Now my whole family – two sons and three daughters – have accepted Jesus. Now they are saved in Christ along with me. I am so happy. And the Jesus Only book has also helped us to know more about Jesus Christ. Now we are so happy in Christ.

Subhu is a young man who had left home and was living recklessly, but came to the meeting and heard the Gospel preached. He says,

I was wandering from place to place without aims or goals. Today I happened to come to Gudiwada. It is Jesus who led me into the Gospel Evangelism Prayer Meeting. When I came, I sat at the back and heard about Jesus who has sacrificed his life for all humankind. So I started crying and then I felt that I was on the wrong path. So then I changed my way of life and I confessed my sins and I wanted to go to home and live with my parents.

So it is Jesus and the holy Gospel that has brought many changes in my life. I am sure that the Jesus Only book will also help me to know more about Jesus’ preaching and teachings. I am so privileged and honored to have such a great book. Thanks to everyone and thanks to Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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