The Immeasurable Gift

Sep 16, 2015 1579

In the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last (Rom. 1:17).

God can only take to heaven those who are 100 per cent righteous.

So what kind of righteousness is the 100% righteousness that will open the door for us to God’s presence. It is called imputed righteousness, which is a righteousness that is freely given to us. It is a righteousness that Christ earned for us. He lived a totally righteous life, and gave it all up for us when he died on the cross.

Jesus, on the cross, was forsaken by the Father (Matt. 26:47) so we could be accepted by the Father. The Father revealed that he accepted Jesus’ free gift of righteousness, which covered all our sins, past, present and future, by tearing down the barrier in the temple that kept man from his presence (Matt.27:51). Through faith in Jesus we are now free to boldly enter the presence of the Father.

Thank God for such an immeasurable gift, a gift that ensures we will have an eternal place in Christ’s coming kingdom.

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