The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Near

Mar 13, 2016 1487

From the time Jesus moved to Capernaum he began to preach, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near” (Matthew 4:17).

Jesus’ kingdom was near, both in time and space. His kingdom was near in time because it would soon be established by his death on the cross. And it was near spatially because the kingdom was wherever he was.

“Some Pharisees asked Jesus when God’s kingdom would come. He answered, ‘God’s kingdom isn’t something you can see. There is no use saying, ‘Look! Here it is’ or ‘Look! ‘There it is..’ God’s kingdom is here with you” (Luke 17:20-21 C.E.V.).

God’s kingdom, unlike earthly kingdoms, is invisible to the eye; it is wherever Jesus is. If the Lord is among you, it is there. If the Lord is within you, it is there. You don’t have to go to Israel to find Christ’s kingdom; you only have to have Jesus dwelling in your heart and fellowship. Wherever Jesus reigns as Lord and Saviour, that’s a vital part of his kingdom. Jesus does not dwell in the hearts of people who reject him, so don’t look for the essence of his kingdom in their hearts or assemblies.

It is our mission to preach the gospel of the kingdom to all the world (Matthew 24:14). There are people out there who are empty inside, and who would gladly accept the opportunity to have the Lord Jesus fill that hollow space were they given the opportunity. By accepting Jesus they automatically become citizens of his eternal kingdom.

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