There’s Always More

Aug 17, 2020 2789

There's Always More

There’s some Christians who sit in church pews and think they’ve made it, because they became a Christian in the past, or because they believe they’re in the right church, and so on. That’s how Christian churches become museums for dead fossils.

With Jesus, there’s always more.

And then there are some followers of Jesus for whom their faith is the greatest and most exciting ride of their lives! Their journeys with Jesus are ones of discovery and growth. They look to the horizon and see infinite possibilities

These two fundamentally different ways of being a Christian are illustrated by the national motto of Spain. It used to be “Non plus ultra” which in Latin means “Nothing further beyond.” For Spain it meant that it considered itself the greatest. It had achieved all that could be achieved.

That was until Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, and vast new horizons opened up. And so, Spain changed its national motto to “Plus ultra” which means “Further beyond”.

When I was a child, I lived in the present. I knew that I was a child and that I would grow. In the main, I enjoyed the surprises and the growth that life brought.

But when I became an adult, somehow my view of myself and the world changed. Somehow I came to the view that I had grown as much as I would grow, and that I had learnt as much as I would learn, and that it was all downhill from here.

That’s why Jesus calls us to rediscover the excitement of being a child, when you are relationship with him:

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt 18:3, NIV).

You’ll never be able to say that you’ve made it and that there is nothing further beyond, nothing more.

What did it take for me to change my perspective on life?

It’s because I always thought that I had already “made it.” I thought that the way my life was now, was the way it would always be. That’s a normal human feeling. We’re always unprepared and unable to anticipate change. It always tends to catch us by surprise.

Back then I thought that when you became a follower of Jesus, you were insulated from the changes and uncertainties of life. When my understanding started to change, I told a friend that the entire message of Jesus is about continual change and transformation. He simply found that too difficult to understand.

But now I have experienced otherwise. All I had to do was to be open to the leading of the Spirit of God in my life. I’ve discovered that Christ doesn’t save you by transforming you. But he saves you in order to transform you. I’ve discovered that salvation isn’t a journey, it’s an event that happened 2000 years ago. But when you embrace it, it introduces a journey that will take you to places of self-discovery and revelation about the goodness and the grace of God that you could never have dreamt.

You’ll never be able to say that you’ve made it and that there is nothing further beyond. There’s always more for me to learn, more for me to grow, more happiness to experience, and new heights for me to scale. And it will be so for all eternity.

Everything will end, but with Jesus, there’s always more.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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George Roussos

Aug 25, 2020

Appreciated Eli.


Aug 25, 2020


Aaron Tata ndi

Aug 24, 2020

Jesus Christ is just more than life itself to me.

chinonso Felix

Aug 23, 2020

I love this message because it make me to understand that been save or rather been born again believer is not just to say it with and stop there ,not but rather it require a passion to desire more of him everyday, yearning to come to know him the more ,because u kn him ,then the more u discover u haven't kn him better

Stojan Ninkovic

Aug 23, 2020

One overlooked aspect in this journey of walking with God is that He knows what you need before you even think to say it. One of the thrills of my life is to see Him make something work out before I’m even at the point of asking for help. If there’s anyone in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia that wants to fellowship around the messages of Desmond Ford and this lovely ministry GNU then send me a note.


Aug 23, 2020


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