Turned Away By Men, Miraculously Healed By God

Jan 9, 2017 2339

Turned Away By Men, Miraculously Healed By God

Sammy’s Reunion with Jackie was a joyful one, as she told him of how God had miraculously healed her.

About a year ago, we shared a story of sister Jackie in Rwanda. This young lady was involved in a near-fatal motor vehicle accident that left her bones crushed. As a result, she has spent more that 13 years in bed and in a wheel chair as a paraplegic.

Jackie’s parents are Muslims. However, Jacky found Jesus through her pain, believing that it was Jesus who had miraculously saved her life.

More than a year ago, Evangelist Sammy got to know about Jackie while in Rwanda and he visited her and introduced Good News Unlimited to her and especially the book Jesus Only by Dr Desmond Ford.

This book did wonders in the life of this pain ridden young lady. Her faith was firmly established in Jesus. She became a great witness for Christ. Sammy provided her with copies of the book Jesus Only which GNU had printed and distributed in East Africa. Jackie continued to share the messages she found in this book.

Jackie was also greatly moved and impacted by a message of hope written to her by Dr. Desmond Ford; a message relayed by Pr Eli.

In August 2016 while Sammy was visiting Rwanda once again, he received a message that Jackie had been miraculously healed. Sammy traveled to Jackie’s home, where she told him about her experience.

This is Jackie’s story, in her own words:

One day I got information that there was a preacher not very far from where I live who was praying for people. I felt a desire to go there, hoping for healing. The journey was difficult given my condition but I was willing to pay the price in the hope that I might be healed.

A vehicle was found to take me there, but when I got to the place I found that there was a very long queue. However I stayed on. I waited for an opportunity to be anointed with oil and to be prayed for by this preacher. I could see that priority was being given to those who had demon problems. But I waited for my opportunity.

After a point, the instruction was given that a selection be made among us, and those found to have ornaments on them and those whose hair is not natural were to be sent away, and they could only return after removing all those ornaments. I was turned away among the other “unworthies”. It was a huge disappointment, but I was willing to return home and prepare myself as the preacher had instructed.

As I entered and sat in the car to return home, I felt a strange change in my legs. I felt heat in my legs and I cried due to the pain. I heard a voice calling my name and I turned to ask the two people who were with me who was who was speaking. The strange voice spoke again and told me to stand up. I stood up and stepped out of the car. When I stood up, the pain I felt in my previously totally paralyzed legs was eased, and lo a miracle! I walked on my two legs! This sent all of us in a shock of joy. The news went around like wildfire. When my Muslim father heard of it, he exclaimed that the “Jesus of little girls is powerful!”

I stood to proclaim the healing power of Jesus who did not care about how I looked, or how I had adorned myself. I had been turned away by those who care about adornment. But they were not the ones who had healed me. The One who accepts me the way I am, did it. Who is like Jesus? No one! It is Jesus Only!

When God moved, the impossible happened. God rescued his ailing daughter Jackie from those who wished to gain earthly glory. When God moved, he did not wait for Jackie to take off her ornaments and make herself acceptable in the eyes of fellow sinners. When God moved Jackie stood up!

Jackie continues to stand up and walk, sharing the Gospel of Jesus. Jackie has committed herself to sharing the Good News of the One who made her to stand up after 14 years in a wheelchair. – David Karumba

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