Unlimited: A Servant of Christ Jesus

Mar 14, 2022 1483

Unlimited: A Servant of Christ Jesus

Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus… (Romans 1:1a)

The book of Romans is actually a letter, written in Greek, that the apostle Paul wrote to the believers in the city of Rome. In ancient times, the writer of a letter would first of all introduce themselves by using their most important positions or titles.

But notice how Paul starts his letter. He gives none of his academic or religious qualifications. He doesn’t even call himself an “apostle.” Instead he calls himself a “slave” – a slave of Christ Jesus. That is exactly what the word translated here as servant meant in the Greek.

This can seem strange and even shocking for us if we read this letter with a worldly mindset. Yet for Paul, this is the title of greatest honour for him: to simply and willingly be a slave of Jesus.

For Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus is the title of greatest honour for him.

Today, there are parts of the world in which apparently every second Christian you meet is quick to give themselves the title of “bishop” or “apostle” or “prophet.” But the Bible teaches us a different truth. The closer that Paul was to God, the fewer titles Paul gave himself.

Let us then approach Paul’s great epistle to the Romans with a humble attitude toward God, willing to understand and accept the Gospel as the Spirit of God unfolds it to us through God’s word.

Spiritual Application

How do you like to introduce yourself to your friends? How do you like to be known by others? Reflect on how arguably the greatest apostle of all introduced himself.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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