Unlimited: Christ Invites Us To Suffer

Jan 3, 2017 1125

Whoever does not carry their cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple (Luke 14:27).

Not only was it certain to Him that He must move steadily toward the Cross, but it was equally clear that every man who would do the work that He was engaged in must also move toward a cross. His experience was not to be exceptional, but it was to be the established rule.

He never attempted to conceal from His disciples the fact that they would suffer persecution. Repeatedly He reminded them that to be His follower meant to be a sufferer, and that unless they were willing to endure afflictions they need not attempt to come after Him…

It is impossible to modify the marching orders. He would not allow men to follow Him unless He was first assured that they understood the condition on which discipleship became possible…. And what He said to one He said to all. When He spoke to the multitude He held before them the picture of crucifixion…. Count the cost before you make the start. “Whosoever he be of you that forsakes not all that he hath, he cannot be My disciple”… 

The call to follow Jesus is a call to suffering; so the New Testament represents it from the first page to the last. You read the Scriptures with your eyes shut if you fail to see that. ­– Charles E. Jefferson

Eli’s Reflection: Don’t many people become Christians precisely to avoid hardship and suffering? Aren’t there supposed to be blessings? This calls for some deep reflection. Think deeply about this question: Why would Christ’s call to suffer with Him possibly be good news? Examine your own heart as to why it is that you follow Jesus.

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