Unlimited: God Gives Meaning to Everything

Nov 5, 2021 1305

Unlimited: God Gives Meaning to Everything

You believe in God; believe also in me (John 14:1b, NIV).

The main reason for unbelief ultimately, is that people only believe what they wish to believe. After all, a small eyelid can shut out the entire sun!

Willian Paley, a great favourite of mine, gave this illustration: If you walked in a desert and your foot kicked a stone, you wouldn’t think about it. But if you kicked a watch, you would get down and look at it. And you would marvel at it: the hard case to protect it, the glass so you could see, the proportionate moving of the hands. And when you took the back off and you saw the delicate mechanism and wheels and spring, you would say, “What a wonderful thing!” Then what if, as you hold it in your hands, suddenly another watch springs out? You pick up the second watch and you look at it, and suddenly yet another one comes out.

Without God, nothing has meaning. God gives meaning to everything.

Paley is arguing two things: Design and Fertility. The watch is not like a stone. It is designed. And in his illustration, it is fertile. The watch, of course, is a symbol of us. Why isn’t everything in nature sterile?

Without God, nothing has meaning. If you take God away, you have annihilated everything that is good in the universe, every elevated joy of the mind, and every uplifting and ennobling love. – Des Ford (adapted)

Reflection: Have you found it true that “some people only believe what they want to believe?” Do you know someone who refuses to believe in Jesus in spite of the evidence? Ask the Lord to specifically to show you how  you can help that person.

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