Unlimited: God Must be First

Sep 30, 2019 1799

Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day. … For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods (1 Chronicles 16:23-25, NIV).

“Is life worth living?” The question as to whether life is worth living usually depends on the person.

How should one live in order to have a happy life? Do we need to look for a new formula? Someone once asked Albert Einstein whether he carried a notebook with him in order to jot down his new ideas. His reply was, “No. I don’t get many new ideas.” He was right. Most of the great ideas that influence our world and our lives, in particular, are not new. They are old, very, very old.

We keep looking for some new clue to life, a new prescription, a new formula to try and turn dust into gold. But all that we need to know about life and happiness is found in the old, old platitudes. Perhaps it’s not more knowledge that we need, but more motivation to apply that which is already known.

The fact is, the world is a terrible place when viewed apart from God. Many people dodge the idea of God because they think he’s going to tell them what they ought not to do. We don’t like laws. We think they only exist to be broken.

We’re so foolish we don’t see that it is we who are broken. A man who defies the law of gravity by jumping off a tall building illustrates that. The fact is, there can be no good life without laws and limits.

All depends upon whether we will put God first. Let God be God. Either God matters tremendously, or he doesn’t matter at all.

If God is God, he must be put first, ever and always. The worship of God must be seen as our first duty and the source of all our fruitfulness and joy.

– Des Ford (adapted)

Eli’s Reflection: How can you make the worship of God first in your life? How will this affect your joy? How will this affect what you think about the worth of your life?

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Excellent omaye

Sep 30, 2019

I really enjoyed it thanh u so much am great ful


Sep 30, 2019

Not l but Christ be honored, loved and exulted. Christ only Christ Jesus, no trace of l be found!!

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