Unlimited: God Has Told You Who Is The Real Enemy

Sep 30, 2021 1168

Unlimited: God Has Told You Who The Real Enemy Is

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

No Christian need be ashamed of affirming that the doctrine of human depravity gives the only true explanation for human sorrow and folly. The Bible is a wonderfully concentrated book. It refuses to be diverted from its one topic of humanity’s need of salvation and the remedy. Therefore the sin of man is emphasised on every page. There is no part of man’s nature that hasn’t come under the dominion of sin.

If a besieged company of soldiers in a fortress were ever looking over the parapet to the east, expecting devastation from that quarter, would they not have been grateful to someone wiser who pointed out that their real enemy was coming from another point of the compass? Should not we be grateful to God that he has told us again, and again, and again, that our real enemy is not what we think it is? It is not our poverty or difficult circumstances. It is not the evil of other people. It is not the cruelties of nature or anyone of a thousand things that we blame.

Our real enemy is not what we think it is.

Our real evil is within. Dwight L. Moody was right when he declared that he had had more trouble with himself than any other man he had ever met. – Des Ford (adapted)

Reflection: The person who understands and accepts what Dwight Moody said is blessed, because that person can start to accept the blessings of the Gospel. Examine yourself. Do you tend always to blame others for your troubles, or do you see the trouble that you give yourself?

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