Unlimited: Grace is Always Followed by a Call

Mar 23, 2022 1186

Unlimited: Grace is always Followed by a Call

Through him we received grace and apostleship to call all the Gentiles (Romans 1:5a)

As a result of the resurrection of the Son of God, we receive grace. When we receive grace, it is always followed by a calling. This calling is always a calling to call others to experience the same grace. That is how the Kingdom of God grows.

Many people love the idea of receiving grace, but they always have an excuse to reject the calling of God. This was the same with Paul’s own people: the Jews. They loved the idea of God’s love, compassion, and mercy, but they rejected the call that this kind of God necessarily made upon their lives: to share this message with the nations and to reflect these qualities in their own dealings with others. Instead, they tried to monopolise the grace of God for themselves.

Grace is always followed by a calling to call others to experience the same grace.

The problem is that when you keep grace for yourself and you don’t share it with others, you lose the grace that you have been given. This is what happened to most of the Jewish people in the time of Jesus.

In Paul’s case, when he received grace, he also received a special call to become an apostle to all the Gentiles. God similarly has a special mission for every one of his children, though it be viewed as humble or glorious in the sight of the world.

Spiritual Application

I remember that when I was young, I considered sharing the Gospel with others as something to be avoided. Where are you at today? Reflect on this question: Do you see sharing the Good News as a chore or a joy? The difference comes down to all about whether you have understood the grace of God or not.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Help Spread the Good News

Okurut Martin

Mar 26, 2022

Absolutely right. In our generation God expects much more of workmanship aimed at chieving tremendous impacts in His Kingdom that is why He calls us all to go out to preach the gospel to all Nations but the phobia that we suffering from z dominant expectancy where we only seek our own but Not God's will. Many preachers of today are self centered that is why there diversion from the Truth to facts to suit our day today's life but as Christians with a purpose, we need to come back to the drawing line and get back to do the needful for kingdom of God. Thanks Papa.

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