Unlimited: I Am With You To Deliver You

Aug 9, 2019 2223

Do not be afraid of their faces, For I am with you to deliver you (Jeremiah 1:8, NKJV).

When I was a little boy of around 9–11 years old, I used to walk to and from school with my brother. We had to walk through the shopping centre.

I remember looking at the people who were going about their business. I noticed how unhappy and grumpy they looked. I decided that most people didn’t look friendly at all. As a child, it was rather scary.

I am reminded of the words that the Lord spoke to the prophet Jeremiah when he called him to serve him. God told the prophet, Jeremiah, not to be afraid of the faces of the people he would meet (Jeremiah 1:8). God knew that when he gave his message, he would have to confront angry and resentful faces.

As you go through life, you will come across people with many different kinds of faces. Faces can be among the most beautiful parts of our beings. That’s when they express openness, encouragement, and care for you.

The Lord says to you, “Do not be afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you. Knowing that the Lord is with you lets you face every face with confidence and strength. The love of the Lord lets you love the person behind every face.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

 Eli’s Reflection: Do you think you should smile more? What makes you smile? Make a plan to do more of it this week.


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