Unlimited: The Crowds Follow Jesus

Feb 28, 2024 1946

Unlimited: The Crowds Follow Jesus

Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the lake, and a large crowd from Galilee followed. When they heard about all he was doing, many people came to him from Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, and the regions across the Jordan and around Tyre and Sidon. Because of the crowd he told his disciples to have a small boat ready for him, to keep the people from crowding him. For he had healed many, so that those with diseases were pushing forward to touch him. (Mark 3:7–10, NIV).

Remember how Mark told us that Jesus loved to touch people? Well, they loved to touch him as well.

People followed Jesus from everywhere. And they weren’t just Jews. Mark tells us that the crowd was also full of people from nearby Greek-speaking and pagan regions. Jesus attracted people from every background.

Those who needed healing were all crowding around him, trying to touch him. Even by touching him, they were healed.

Physical touch is very important in the Gospel of Mark. Jesus doesn’t have to touch people to heal them, but he does, all the time. He touches those considered unclean or in a lower class to communicate his compassion, love, and grace.

And it wasn’t necessarily respectful for people to touch a teacher like Jesus, either. But they all wanted to touch him. They knew that Jesus welcomed their touch.

Have you ever had a moment or a time in your life when you felt that God was so close to you – as if you really were touching Jesus?

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: Would you like to experience the physical touch of Jesus? Imagine him reaching out to you now. What is the look on his face? Remember, Jesus welcomes your touch.

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Oct 29, 2020

I appreciate your desire to help. Not everyone can do so with money. You are always able to help us by praying for the Spirit of God to reach people everywhere so that they may repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.


Oct 28, 2020

I would like to help but as of now we don't have enough money .please for us because i have many debt to pay and my business is close.and i want to return income to help and to my family and my employees.I heartedly hope to promises of our heavenly almighty father on JESUS name I pray . Thank you ,GNU'S decipleship helping us to be strong with faith in GOD and LORD JESUS in his beautiful,wonderful and powerful name. Thank you for your help.

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