Unlimited: The Unparalleled Gift

Sep 19, 2022 985

Unlimited: The Unparalleled Gift

But the gift is not like the trespass (Romans 5:15a).

What a marvellous reflection on the Gospel! The gift of God is not like our trespass! Both what Adam did and what Christ did had consequences for the whole human race, but in very different ways. What Adam did was an offense that brought death for all. What Christ did was a blessing that brought grace and life for all who believe.

From these fundamental statements of how we were lost and how we were saved, we should also derive the key principles for our lives today.

Sin, no matter how small we may consider it to be, always leads to death. It brings death, not just for us, but also for those with whom we come into contact. Our words, our attitudes, and our actions that are contaminated with selfishness will always lead us and others downwards.

The gift of God is not like our trespass!

However, through the gift of Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary, a new principle has come into the world. It is the gift of grace that leads to salvation and to life. It works in the opposite direction to the trespass.

The gift of God is not only different to the trespass in kind, but also in quantum. The grace of God doesn’t merely adequately deal with sin and its consequences. The grace of God completely overwhelms the trespass, and overflows like a mighty river from Calvary. When accepted, it will likewise overflow from our lives.

Spiritual Application

There are people who think that the gift of God is just adequate, and that they might just “squeeze” into the kingdom. If you can, go and sit by the seashore, and pray as you watch the waves. Or perhaps you can find a hilltop with a magnificent view. As you do so, consider the vastness and the power of God, and his gift of salvation to you.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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