Unlimited: Through the Shedding of His Blood

Jun 22, 2022 986

Unlimited: Through the Shedding of His Blood

…through the shedding of his blood (Romans 3:25(b)).

The apostle Paul specifies that “God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement”, not as an idea or as a theological concept or as a metaphor but in the reality “through the shedding of his blood”

This was a scandalous idea for Paul’s audience in the first century, and it is a repugnant idea to many in our supposedly sophisticated western world, even among some Christians. They recoil against the idea that their salvation required the shedding of blood. However, Paul has no such qualms. He is very specific. We are justified through the shedding of blood.

We are justified through the shedding of Christ’s blood.

To think that your salvation required anything less than the life of the Son of God is to both sorely misunderstand the nature and gravity of sin, and also to cheapen the mighty act by which Christ saved you at Calvary.

The means of our salvation, a sacrifice beyond all value, must lead us to ask, “Why?” Paul’s answer is that it is because of God’s righteousness. Our sins do matter. God can’t just ignore them. But God’s love is greater than our sin, and so God poured out his justice against all of our sin, in the person of his Son, Jesus, who bore them on our behalf.

Spiritual Application

How well do you understand the basis of your salvation? Does the idea of the one who shed his blood for you make you want to fall down and worship, or to recoil in horror?

Eliezer Gonzalez

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