Unlimited: To Live is Christ

Jan 17, 2022 1134

Unlimited: To Live is Christ

To me, to live is Christ (Philippians 1:21, NKJV.)

There are three cardinal words in the passage: “me,” “live,” “Christ.” The middle term “live” is defined in the union of the two extremes. The two carbon electrodes of the arc lamp are brought into relationship, and the result is a light of brilliant intensity. And these two terms, “me” and “Christ,” are brought into relationship, and there is revealed “the light of life,” and I become “alive unto God.” Humanity finds life only in union with the divine.

Now this is the only contact which justifies the usage of the term “life.” Any other application of the word is illegitimate and degrading. The word “life” stands defined in the relationship of the apostle’s words. But we take other extremes, and combine them, and we name the resultant, “life.”

“For me to live is money”… “For me to live is pleasure”… “For me to live is fame”…

To live is Christ.

Of all these relationships we may employ the New Testament indictment and say, “You have a name that you are alive but you are dead.”

All other combinations fail. By no other fellowships can we produce the resultant life. Life is the unique product of a unique union. “This is life, to know Jesus.” “For me to live is Christ.” Such was the rich and ineffable life of the Apostle Paul. – Henry J. Jowett

Reflection: Complete this sentence, “For me to live is­ _________. Can you truly say that your very first and most important response is “Christ”? If not, what must you surrender to Christ so that you can truly agree with Philippians 1:21?

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