Unlimited: We Can Believe Even in the Face of Mocking

Sep 24, 2021 1185

Unlimited: We Can Believe Even in the Face of Mocking

Don’t be afraid; just believe. (Mark 5:36, NIV).

When Jesus arrived at Jairus’ house, he said, “What’s all this commotion and crying about? The child isn’t dead. She’s only sleeping” (Mark 5:39, CEB).

But the people there, “laughed at him, knowing that she was dead” (Luke 8:53, CEB).

They didn’t just smile quietly to themselves; not at all. The Greek word used for “laugh” here means to “deride.” The King James Version translates this as “they laughed him to scorn.” They openly mocked the apparent stupidity of Christ.

This was just a foretaste of when the crowd would laugh him to scorn on Calvary’s hill. They thought he was helpless and defeated in the face of death. How wrong they were!

But what happens next in Jairus’ house is startling: “He threw them all out” (Mark 5:40a, CEB). The Greek word translated here as “threw” implies haste, and even force.

We can believe. Even in the face of mocking, we can believe.

Jesus didn’t want their laughter and mocking to ruin the wondrously beautiful moment that would come after he said the words, “Young woman, get up” (Mark 5:41).

That was when the real party began, as a mother and father received their daughter back to life again.

Don’t ruin the wonderful moments that Christ has in store for you through unbelief. Like Jesus said to Jairus, Don’t be afraid; just believe. – Eliezer Gonzalez

Reflection: Have you ever laughed at God because something he promised you seems so unbelievable? Is there a seemingly unbelievable promise that you need fulfilled in your life right now? What one practical thing can you do to strengthen your belief in the God of miracles?

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Okurut Martin

Sep 26, 2021

Unbelief is like a casket for the dead faith but patience and hope for unseen draws us always to the forefront line of our blessings. I believe I can stand for the defense of the gospel no matter the circumstances before me. Jah bless.


Sep 24, 2021

I just keep believing in God words and keep praying in God Faith love and strength in Jesus name amen God Faith and strength substain me deeply in my heart mind and soul hallelujah amen thank you God for all your teaching loving and caring your strength and your greatest service and praise amen Jesus

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