Unlimited: We Grow Towards Perfection

Jul 13, 2020 1321

Unlimited: We Grow Towards Perfection

The apostle Paul, in Romans 5:18 and 2 Corinthians 5:14, shows us that when Christ died, it was reckoned as though the whole wicked world died. Henceforth our debts are paid.

But our cure experientially is not yet complete. Our way to the kingdom of God may be marked by stumbling, limping, and crawling upon the floor. A Christian of vast experience once wrote: “We ourselves are constantly falling, failing in speech and action to represent Christ; falling and rising again, despairing and hoping.”

Our holiness is not purely ethical, though it seeks to be so, but rather, one that is manifested in an increasing humility and awareness of sinfulness. So the marks of sanctification are not the marks of legalistic achievement, but rather, increasing prayerfulness; increasing self-distrust, and increasing faith in him alone who can save and keep. If we do not manifest an increasing hatred for our sins, we have never been justified.

Romans 5:1–11 lists some of the aspects of the subjective experience of the believer. Now that justification has come, so has peace and joy and love for God. Patience is developed by the way one reacts to trial, trouble and tribulation. One grows towards that perfection with which the believer is initially and forever credited. Christ regards us as though the work is already complete.

– Des Ford (adapted)

Eli’s Reflection: I once asked Des Ford what the difference was between a saved person and an unsaved person. He replied, “A saved person loves God and hates sin, and an unsaved person loves sin and hates God.” Do you agree with that? How is that reflected in your own life?

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